Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Moving - out of the frying pan and into the fire

Well, I've moved all my stuff back to the family house in Bundaberg now. Where to from there I don't know yet, but I ran out of options in Rockhampton. It kind of sucks having accumulated so much furniture and assorted belongings and having to find somewhere to put it!
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Without any guarantee of work at the Uni (that's another rant in itself! :) ) I had to cut my losses and pack up. The time I clung on here in Rockhampton wasn't wasted though, because I've used it to finish my thesis. That would have been much harder from Bundaberg. It also meant I got to hang around people I like for a bit longer :)
Lots of people (well, ok, three - Sarah, Melanie, and Russel :p ) offered to let me stay with them while I sorted things out. Thanks guys! But I had so much stuff I had to put it somewhere more permanent anyway.

So now... I'm out of the frying pan, but maybe only to land right back in the fire. There's a real possibility that I'll move to Sydney for a job, and man, if I thought the rental market was tough in Rockhampton, I'm not looking forward to renting in Sydney! A recent study placed Sydney as one of the highest rent-to-income-ratio cities in the English-speaking world (Counterpoint on Radio National has been making a compelling argument that it's down to land-rationing).

Interesting times await!

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