Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Jobs - computational intelligence

If I wanted to combine software development with the topic of my PhD, the perfect job would be at SolveIT Solutions in Adelaide.
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The company was founded by a leading researcher in my field, as a way of putting the theoretical research into practice in business. He's dubbed it "adaptive business intelligence", and become very successful.
SolveIT basically a consulting company. The idea is that they identify areas in which a business can optimise their processes, and then apply cutting-edge optimisation algorithms (such as mine ;) ) from the literature to either cut expenses or boost profits by millions. Besides just getting to use cool algorithms, the attractive thing about SolveIT is the possibility of working on a diverse range of problems as they get contracts from many different industries. Oh, and the huge amount of money to be made in this area :)
I wrote to SolveIT asking for a job, but unfortunately they didn't have any openings. Still, they have my resume now, and I can seriously imagine working for them in the future.

I've also applied for a job at Jeppesen, in Brisbane. That job is also about optimisation, in their case train and transport systems. Basically it would be a similar job, just a different application. I've talked to their recruiter, but haven't heard much back yet. I'm unsure if that's bad or not :) It is a position that they're actively recruiting for though, and I'd have to be one of the most suitable candidates they're going to get for it, so... we'll see.

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