Tuesday, 20 February 2007

The End (of the thesis) Is Nigh

Yep, fingers crossed, the latest draft of my thesis will get Russel's approval, and I'll print it out and submit! So far Russel's given his stamp of approval to all the main chapters and the conclusion; I've just revised the introduction and now I'll put it all together for him.
All up, it's 10 chapters, 325 pages, and 70,000 words. Admittedly that's double-spaced and single-sided, which I don't like but I understand why it's important for examination, but hey, 325 pages sounds good.
Overall I'm happy with how I've presented what I've done. If I could do it over, I would certainly ditch a lot of the research I spent time on and do a more thorough job of the stuff that worked out well. But such is the path of research, I suppose. In the end I reckon I came up with some good stuff, and I dare to hope that someone might actually read it and make use of it :)
It's certainly going to be a relief to have this thesis out of my hands... for a few months at least!

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Thomas said...

Congrats Nick!

Hopefully I'll have the same feeling later in the year :D