Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Jobs - games and Google

The other area that I want to try working in is games, specifically games A.I., just because... well, how awesome would that be?
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Things are looking pretty promising with Team Bondi in Sydney. I've taken a couple of tests and I'm meeting them in person on Friday afternoon as soon as I arrive in Sydney. I should have a pretty good idea of whether they'll offer me a job after that interview, which would be a great start to my sojourn in Sydney!
It's very exciting, because you probably couldn't find a better start in the games industry. Team Bondi are a new company, they're meant to be very relaxed. This is their first game, but the founder, Brendan McNamara directed The Getaway for Sony and, together with some staff he took with him, Team Bondi obviously has the pedigree to attract serious funding. This first game sounds very ambitious, and it's being published by Rockstar, makers of Grand Theft Auto.

The attractive thing about games - and defence - is the simulation aspect. It's amazingly cool to craft a world and figure out what sort of interactions can arise from it. And the most interesting interactions, to me, are between autonomous agents in the world - hence my interest in game A.I.!

I've also just had my first phone interview with Google, this morning. I'm afraid I can't have made a fantastic impression on the algorithmic problem-solving questions, because I muddled through it. It's definitely not my strongest point, but with a bit of luck I'll get another interview covering another aspect.
I know Google is after people with more of a Computer Science background than I have, so I won't be terribly upset if this comes to naught. It'd be a cool job in a funky environment though, and I'd most definitely consider it!

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