Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Ode to Beef Rendang

Ode to Beef Rendang

Oh fiery heat that lingers on my lips
And lights up all the tastebuds on my tongue
Those lesser flavours find themselves eclipsed
When with your splendid spice they are among

You simmered, slowly stewing in your pot
For hours, spices soaking into meat
Galangal, garlic, chilli, and shallot
Intensifying, grown-man-crying heat

Yet though I sweat and wipe my teary eyes
That cry over this dish from Asia's South
I realise your fiery guise belies
The tender texture melting in my mouth

The plate is clear, the final morsel gone
But in my mem'ry, Rendang lingers on.


Brett said...

God bless beef rendang...

Im going to eat myself silly at the suzies banquet on saturday :D

Thomas said...

Now lets see one about crispy chicken :D