Monday, 24 July 2006

Motorcycling - Practice

I've decided that riding a motorcycle counts as "normal, everyday use" of my wrist, which the doc said was ok, so I've been practicing again. It's so much fun. Flipping the weight and lean from one side to the other is effortless, and the rev range seems endless. Want to go faster, just twist the throttle more :)
Going faster is relatively easy though. The hardest technique to learn, so far, has been low-speed maneuvering: Slow, tight turns at walking pace. Balancing yourself and the bike is much more important, and it feels like the bike could drop at any moment. Additionally, the bike is moving slower than the engine idle will allow, so you have to hold the revs high and control speed entirely with the clutch. I find it quite exhausting.
I rode in traffic for the first time yesterday, which was fun. It was a tiny bit daunting, but Brett was behind me in his car, and all in all the traffic was pretty light. I didn't do anything embarrassing, so I count it as a roaring success!
I also bought myself a reflective vest to wear at night or in poor weather. I'm debating whether or not I'll wear it as a matter of course, at least while I'm learning. On the one hand, it makes me stand out clearly to other traffic, which may give me the leeway I need while I'm getting the hang of things. On the other hand, it really makes me stand out clearly. :) For now that is definitely a good thing though, so I think I'll wear it all the time.

And, I finally got around to taking a couple of photos of my bike:


melanie said...

wednesday, 26 july, 2006 21:00 MAT

does this mean you will start going to kendo too ?

Nick said...

No, kendo is high-impact, and most of the force is supposed to come from the left wrist. Not a good idea. :(