Friday, 11 August 2006


There's nothing more to be done about my wrist, at least for the immediate future. I had the MRI scans last Friday, and saw my specialist yesterday.

The x-rays had already shown that the styloid process on the end of the ulna had broken off. The MRI scans, capable of resolving soft tissue, showed that it was being held in place by fibrous tissue to heal the damage. He said that that was the best that could be expected, since the bone wouldn't mend itself. I found that surprising, but he's the expert. My GP was concerned that the fibrous tissue would eventually impede my wrist's freedom of movement, but again, the specialist is the expert. Apparently I'm to wait a few months to see how well it heals, since as it is there's no reason for surgery.

On the one hand (ha :p) that's good news since I may not have to pay anything more than the consultations and scans I've already had (which I'm happy to have paid, in order to understand). On the other hand it kind of sucks that there's no techno-magical fix that I can buy. Still, if it heals well on its own and I eventually regain full use of my left wrist, then all is well. Fingers crossed!

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