Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Going to Vienna

My paper for Vienna was accepted, I made the suggested revisions (well, most of them), and sorted out travel arrangements. That's the boring stuff. I'm far more excited to be going to a foreign, non-English-speaking country! I leave on the 25th... it's only a week and a bit away!

The only other country I've ever been to is New Zealand, which doesn't really count as an exotic culture. I'm very much looking forward to exploring this old European city, complete with palace! Amazingly, I get almost an entire weekend to myself before the conference starts. People keep saying it's a shame I can't stay longer (hmm... maybe they're just happy to see me go :p ) but seriously I'm not complaining. I get more time than I expected!

The only thing that concerns me a tinsy bit is my lack of winter clothing, but since I'm staying at the same hotel as the conference I'm not terribly worried. I just need enough warm clothing for my forays out into the city!

2006 is Mozart Year, his 250th anniversary, but it seems the city is getting into it early. Our first conference venue was abandoned because they double booked us with nightly Mozart concerts. Or perhaps he simply never goes out of style in Vienna. I also believe that there are performances every night at the opera house. It seems certain that there will be no lack of cultural events and attractions!
This should also be a great opportunity to pick up some christmas presents...

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