Wednesday, 16 November 2005

Movies and Music

I've been making a point of watching some movies lately. Still not many, but more than usual for me :)

I picked out Dear Frankie because it sounded quaint, and Young Adam because it starred Ewan McGregor. Coincidentally both movies were set around Glasgow, and both movies also starred Emily Mortimer, an actress I hadn't heard of before but who I thought was captivatingly good. I really liked both movies.

I finally saw War of the Worlds with Sarah. For a big-budget Hollywood movie it showed remarkable restraint from heroics (except for the grenade scene, but even that was good) and I thought it was very well done. I hated the sickeningly sentimental reappearance of the presumed-dead son, Robbie, at the very end, but I just pretend that scene didn't happen :D

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a brilliant movie. I love it. I think Jim Carrey does great dramatic work, like this and The Majestic. But ESotSM, in particular, was excellent - great idea, great storytelling, great acting, and great music. As an aside, the main character, Joel, actually reminded me a lot of Damien.

Also loved Secretary. It's such an incongruously charming love story amongst the BDSM trappings. On the strength of the final song, Chariots Rising by Lizzie West, I've ordered the soundtrack. Apparently it's no longer actively released, and only a few copies are available second-hand from Amazon or eBay. There's nothing at all in Australia... but I found a record company specialising in rare imports and second-hand music, based in Sydney. They're bringing it in for me, from somewhere.
I'm a sucker for this sort of thing. I hate the idea that any music (well, any music that I like) could be lost, forgotten in someone's attic or broken and irrepairable. There's so much good stuff out there, I wish I could keep it safely archived for all eternity.

Gave in and bought House of Flying Daggers for the same reason :p


Brett said...

Hey Nick! Ive got some old GarageBand songs i made that are slowly falling out of existence. Id be more then willing to sell them to you so you can store them for all eternity.

Hows $50 a song sound? :D


Nick said...

I said music that I like :p