Wednesday, 28 September 2005

The Month in Review

Stuff that's happened:

Saw The Acrobatic Troupe of Imperial China in Bundaberg. Awesome performance; I love marvelling at the phycical feats humans can do.

An old friend from Sydney, Morgan, came through Rockhampton to round off his backpacking odyssey up and down the coast of Queensland. Did fun stuff together - climbed the rocky headlands around Roslyn Bay; paddled surf-skis at the causeway lake; and Morgan taught me how to juggle (sort of - still working on it)!

Went to Thomas's wedding. Got lost trying to find the chapel at Ridges Resort, which was rather embarrassing. We arrived just in time to wish the couple well as they left. The reception afterwards was good :)
Made Thomas a ball-and-chain for when he got back from his Honeymoon.

Arranged to go to Vienna for a conference at the end of November. Still working to get the paper done.

Sarah and I had our birthdays, but I haven't been able to put the effort into celebrating that I would have liked to. I wish you could schedule birthdays for times when you can appreciate them! Received some good loot, though :D

Michelle sent me up a couple of CDs to listen to, one of which is Amici Forever - Defined. I really love it. It's a group of five classically trained singers performing pop-influenced opera. I highly recommend checking out the samples if your curiosity is at all piqued!

Took Sarah to see the opera Carmen at the theatre last night. It wasn't quite what I expected; it was sung in English and the presentation was humble (though I should have expected that from a travelling show). Nevertheless, the performance itself was thoroughly enjoyable and made a great night out!


Sarah said...

Nick! You haven't blogged in ages, and you're calling ME a slacker on your blog link. I blog more than you do :P

Nick said...

Yeah, cause I'm too slack to update my links to reflect my recently developed slackness :p