Monday, 4 October 2004

Weekend Update

I went to Bundy on the weekend to collect my presents and see my family (note priority). I got a pen holder from my brother Carey; a cool Japanese styled set of bowls, saucers, and plates from my sister Michelle; a much wanted New Scientist subscription from mum; and two bags of pork sausages and a bag of spare ribs from mum's boyfriend Russel, who coincidentally owns a pig farm ;)
Other notable loot from the weekend included a cool magnetic arrow-rest and fast-flight string for my bow from John Hans, and my collection of Magic cards from my brother that had been on loan to one of his friends. The collection is quite a bit smaller than I remember it, but it's been years since I played with them so I can't remember what's missing. Oh well.

My mum is quite the entreprenuer now! For a while now she's had her psychology practice, which has taken off recently and she's now booked out three weeks in advance. That's excellent news, but apparently it's not enough. She and a friend have taken out just about an entire arcade in Bundaberg's CBD, and are in the process of transforming it into a health club / weight loss clinic / coffee shop. It sounds very ambitious to me, but they seem confident it will all work, and it certainly seems the market is there. The weight loss industry is huge, especially because of all the recent media attention on certain fast food chains. Furthermore, Queensland Health are apparently very interested in the project and if it works out well there could be funding/endorsement - that sort of thing - to take it state wide.
I'm not exactly sure, but I gather that the unique thing about this project is the way it combines a physical exercise programme (that's the friend, a fitness instructor cum psychologist) and cutting edge psychological counselling (that's mum! :) ) into a comprehensive package targeted at overweight to unhealthily obese clients.
Good luck to mum!

Gah, Blogger hasn't been letting me post this for the last 2 days... *fingers crossed* *clicks Publish*

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