Thursday, 14 October 2004

Blog Fu

I just ran into a friend who conscripted me for the Uni's Kung Fu club - all they needed was a nominal member to up their numbers and get club status with the student association.
But, curious, I took a look at their website.

Kung Fu (or Gung Fu) is a Cantonese Word which has meaning of: “a skill achieved or attained through long hard dedicated & diligent effort and study over a long period of time” or simply “ a skill achieved through time and hard effort”, in the west it has come to mean especially the Chinese Martial Arts which are more correctly termed Mo Sut (“Martial Arts”)
One can have “Kung Fu” in any art or discipline such as cooking or dancing. For example a Master Chef would be said to have Cooking Kung Fu.
What kung fu do you have?


Anonymous said...

friday, 15 october, 2004 11:45 MAT

as soon as i earn my masters of mathematics, i will have 'maths kung fu'!

after a few more years... maybe i shall have achieved 'putting up with brett kung fu'?? or can i just say i've earned that already...

,` ) melanie

Anonymous said...

Kung Fu - taking it out of the martial arts world and pronouncing it gung foo, it means very hard and tiring, mucho effort. So it falls within all things taking effort to perform, achieve, or maintain.

How did you like the experience? Will you be an active participant or only lending a name for the club roster?

Nick said...

Hi Anonymous, would you be Wu Chin?
I haven't been to training yet - I'll only be able to make it on Tuesdays because the other times conflict with Kendo.
To be honest I doubt I'll take it up seriously - I have too much other stuff to do - but I'm certainly interested to see what it's like!

Melanie, it seems the key to Gung Fu as pointed out is a lot of hard work. It's up to you to call whether you have "Brett Kung Fu" yet... maybe you should remain silent on that :p

Anonymous said...

This is Anon, the WC, you uncovered with great detective kung fu work. Mel spun and back kicked me in the gut, followed up with a backfist to the head, head grab and knee to the chest, head twist and take down into a choke hold. Under that barrage, I had no choice but to tap out and agreed to follow blog etiquette. Ahhh, Grasshopper!

Wu Chin

Nick said...

*mental note: leave name when commenting in Melanie's blog*