Friday, 24 August 2007

My First Promotion

Well, today I passed my 6-month probation period at Team Bondi and was promoted from nub programmer to programmer :)
It's been a lot of hard, but satisfying, work so far, and it's great to have that formally recognised. I know Team Bondi took a chance on hiring me with no industry experience; I'm pleased (and relieved!) that I haven't disappointed. This promotion feels right, too, because over the time I've had this job I feel that I've steadily taken on more responsibility and been able to contribute more to the game.
I actually feel quite priviliged to have the opportunity to work on the projects that I am; it's very exciting and exactly the sort of programming I wanted to do. I think I owe a lot of this opportunity to luck - being in the right place at the right time. But luck or no, I intend to make the most of it.

Lately I've been considering the possibility of buying an apartment somewhere in the city - I'd really like to live closer to the city and work, and to have a space of my own, but after the last couple of years renting in Rockhampton I'm very reluctant to see my earnings disappear into some landlord's purse again.
Perhaps now that my job is more secure I'll start to look at this option more seriously. We'll see!


Brett said...

Congrats Nick! Glad to hear you are really enjoying your job. I can understand what you are saying about wanting your own space.

melanie said...

saturday, 25 august, 2007 18:55 MAT

yay for nick !! yes. stay in sydney for a while. we'll come to visit and eat yummie chinese food.

i also understand wanting your own space away from family members... part of the reason i'm half way across the planet from mine. haha...

,` )

melanie said...

saturday, 25 august, 2007 19:00 MAT

=| brett wants his own space ??

Nick said...

Uh oh Brett...
You can come stay with me in Sydney when Melanie throws you out :p

Roland said...

Luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity ;)

Good to hear things are working out mate!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick!

I accidentally stumbled upon your "interface" and got stuck reading your last posts.

I have two university degrees in my pocket, I am looking for a nice studio where I can work on game design/level design parts, moving from old Europe to Sydney is planned and Team Bondis project seems to be just the thing I was looking for.

Well, if this all sounds (in some way) familiar to you, I could really need some hints from you. My email: abw79 AT yahoo DOT com

P.S.: Writing on peoples blogs I do not personally know feels strange.