Saturday, 25 August 2007

Ferris Bueller and Alan Ruck

I just went to a screening of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, hosted by Alan Ruck (who played Cameron Frye, Ferris's best friend). To my shame, there are lots of classic movies like this that I've never seen, so when Chris (who is as great a film buff as Tanya - perhaps even more for 80's films!) told me about this special screening I was eager to remedy this transgression. Sometimes you just need a good excuse, and this was a great excuse.
It was shown in a beautiful old theatre, with Alan Ruck on the stage afterwards to answer questions from the audience gathered around the front rows. There were the usual predictable, and predictably boring, questions of "What's it like to work with so-and-so?" (which I've always thought kind of rude, like asking "Hey, tell me about this person who's more interesting than you!"), but he also got to give a lot of really interesting and funny anecdotes about making the movie (and others he's been in). His recreation of Cameron's Mr. Peterson voice was uncanny!

As for the film itself, it was brilliant. Seeing it for the first time, over 20 years after it was made, it still felt like it fit perfectly. Definitely a timeless movie. And I think Alan Ruck was right when he commented that Ferris Bueller is who everyone wants to be, but Cameron Frye is who everyone is. It was very cool having the actor who played the film's most relatable character there :)


melanie said...

sunday, 26 august, 2007 10:35 MAT

anything written or directed by john hughes is classic and well worth a watch. i will own a proper copy of ferris bueller's day off with the extra features one day. brett says the chic in weird science is hawwttttt. the characters in the breakfast club are thought provoking. if you get the chance, they are highly recommended.

,` )

Nick said...

Well, I got to watch Weird Science with you and Brett, remember? So I will check out Breakfast Club.

Jason said...

What an awesome movie, I remmeber having to watch it as part of a movie review at School!!!!

I still like the part in the movie when the "dads" car gets airborne by those guys who were taking it for a lap :-)

You have reminded me about this movie and how cool it is, I should get it on DVD some day me thinks.

Thomas Duggan said...

I've never seen it either :(

Though I have seen Weird Science and Breakfast Club :D