Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Things to do after the thesis

Things I want to do after I'm done with this thesis:
  • Caving. I reckon the wrist will be up to it by now; the capricorn caves aren't that strenuous.
  • Buy a hat. The birds chirping in the trees are making me nervous; it's only a matter of time before they start swooping me. If I make completing my thesis a prerequisite for buying a hat, then I have a large incentive: a race between thesis-writing and nest-building :D
  • Get my motorcycle licence. I'll take a one-day Q-Ride course to get my licence as soon as I can. I want my licence so badly... Riding is so much fun!
  • Horse-riding. Been on my list of things to do for ages, may as well add it to this one too :)
  • Meet up with Dad. Maybe take him over to Great Keppel or something.
The justification for this post is the motivation it provides to finish my thesis :) (note that "get a job" wasn't on the list :D )


Brett said...

Get a job ya bum!


Thomas said...

"Get a job ya bum!


Brett beat me to it.

Nick said...

Hey now, I didn't say I wasn't going to get a job, just that I didn't want to and the thought provides little motivation to finish my thesis! :)