Sunday, 17 September 2006

The Right Words

I twisted Brett's arm until he agreed to fish & chips at the beach for lunch today, for a "short" break from writing and a chance to ride my bike on a beautiful day - the first chance I've had to take it on a long run. So, Melanie and Tanya with Brett in his car, we set off to pick up Sarah for good food, good company, and - at least for me - good fun :D

Now, this was the first time Sarah and Tanya had seen me ride, so I was thankful enough not to do anything embarrassing. Especially so since Sarah's had some serious reservations about me learning to ride in the past, and I was never sure if I managed to win her 'round. So I was just happy that everything went smoothly :)
But the awesome, amazing part is that after lunch Sarah asked me if someone could sit on the seat behind the rider. I was slightly perplexed, but mostly obliviously happy all the same to talk about my baby (the bike, not Sarah). I explained that, to save money by registering the bike as a single-seat, the rear footpegs and pillion strap had been removed.
Then Sarah floored me by pointing to the seat and stating imperiously, "Well, you'll just have to make sure that when you buy a real bike, it can seat a passenger. I want to ride behind you!"
So... not only might I share with Sarah the enthralling wonder of riding, it also appears that the acquisition of my next bike is pre-approved! :D :D :D *melt*
*sigh* I love her so much! (Sarah, not the bike). <3

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