Tuesday, 6 June 2006

Sonnet for Lei'ella

This I only just wrote. I decided to try my hand at a more serious sonnet, that stands on its own a bit better than the Ballad of Berard. My concern is that, as a serious attempt, it falls into melodrama. I think you have to be a lot cleverer than I am to avoid that trap. Ah well.


A quiet pall descends upon the page
As Varden holds Lei'ella centre-stage


Sonnet for Lei'ella

I watch your sanguine lips with shining eyes
And in my mind caresses trace their shape
But soft perfection cruelly belies
That through those parted lips your breath escapes

Your calluses are cool against my palm;
The hand that held the dagger now holds mine
I softly stroke your skin with outward calm
As finally our fingers intertwine

And though I hold you close with all my might -
Our bodies breast to breast and cheek to cheek
Our hearts together just for this one night -
I choke and cannot find the words to speak

Your breathing stills, your hand falls to the floor
And I can't feel your heartbeat anymore.

1 comment:

Tsu said...


What a wonderful Sonnet! Although, I honestly can't imagine Lei'Ella doing that with anyone. Just blushing deeply and turning away- but, that's besides the point.

You've got talent.

Keep it up. =D