Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Radio Paradise and Interpol

A little while back I came across a great internet radio station, called Radio Paradise. It plays a blend of classics and contemporary songs, just perfect for when I don't know what I want to listen to. It also has a discussion thread for every song that's played, which is very easy to waste time on.

Anyway, I heard Slow Hands, by Interpol, the other day, and was immediately caught by the repetitive groove. Since then I've been listening to Thomas's Interpol albums (particularly Antics), and loving the sound: the almost disdainful droning vocals over spare but unrelenting grooves. My new favourite band of the moment :)
And damn me if Carlos Dengler's image doesn't fit that coolly aloof sound. Sure, the guy looks like a poser, but he does look good doing it. Makes me wish I'd learnt to play so I could be a rock star too. Hmm, only four strings, can't be that hard... :P

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Thomas said...

I think he wears empty gun holsters :D