Friday, 26 May 2006

Motorcycling - The gear

I'm all set now! I have the gear and I have the bike. Now I just need to learn to ride it :D

Yesterday I bought all my protective gear:
  • Helmet - plain white. A study in Auckland showed that motorcyclists with white helmets instead of black were 24% less likely to be involved in a multi-vehicle crash. I don't know why people rag on white anyway, I reckon it looks fine, and I can pretend to be a storm trooper :D
  • Jacket - synthetic mesh for summer, with 2 additional removable layers for winter and rain. Unfortunately the only colour was black, but at least it has a silvery retroreflective layer built into it.
  • Pants - kevlar reinforced jeans. No additional padding, but light enough to wear out and about. Interesting fact: normal denim jeans last 0.6 seconds sliding along the road.
  • Gloves - lightweight vented leather, additional layers under palms and padding over knuckles.
  • Boots - leather & synthetic motorcycle boots. Not that comfortable to walk around in, but should do their job.
Everything but the helmet I was able to get from Fairways Motorcycles, which is coincidentally where one of Sarah's relatives works. Even before I bumped into him there, though, I got excellent service. Much much better than Wurths, where I bought the helmet from a pushy, obnoxious woman. It's really hard to find white helmets though...

I had fun dressing up in it all last night :)

And today Brett and I went around to pick up the bike. It's mine! I can't wait to start riding now :D

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