Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Motorcycling - The bike

I'm about to buy a motorcycle!
For a long time, but particularly since I saw The Motorcycle Diaries, I've wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle. I kept on saying I would one day, but never quite got around to it. Well, I'm not sure what finally galvanised me, but about a week ago I got a learner's licence and started looking for bikes. I did heaps of research on the web and trawled through adverts. Here's what I've settled on: a Yamaha FZX250 Zeal.

The used bike market in Rockhampton is... sparse. There's almost nothing suitable for me, and by late last week I was resigned to buying a particular bike from the Sunshine Coast and having it transported up here to me. I tell you truly, I'd gotten quotes and I was just about to buy the Sunshine Coast bike when I had a final glance through the classifieds. I happened to notice a bike in "Park Avenue", which I must have previously assumed was a suburb around Brisbane. This time I thought, "Hold on, isn't that a suburb in Rockhampton?"
Sure enough it was, and it was almost exactly the sort of bike I was looking for! I was obviously meant to have this bike. Brett and I went to check it out today. Nice things about it:
  • 250cc - more or less a requirement for learning, but the 4 cylinder engine should have enough power to be fun.
  • Lightweight, low seat height, nimble - also good for learning.
  • Naked - that is, no plastic fairings. Naked bikes are cheaper to insure and repair. Also, naked = sexy.
  • Excellent condition, with low km's (14,200).
  • Will hold its resale value well.
The only drawback is that it's an inline-4 engine. I would have preferred a v-twin, which produces torque at lower revs and would likely suit me better (and be cheaper to maintain). Still, that wasn't a deal-breaker, and the inline-4 should have sportier performance which may be fun :)

So now I just wait for the owner to get a safety certificate for the bike, which is required by law. In the mean time, I get to look for safety gear. I want high visibility gear that still looks stylish. That may be a bit of a challenge in a market that appears to think nothing goes better with black than more black...

I'm so excited! :D


Brett said...


Wont be long and you will be out on thursday nights lapping around the streets.

melanie said...

thursday, 25 may, 2006 09:30 MAT

i think the motorbike and researching motorbikes being a procrastination tool is what glavanised nick.

i'm glad for you. live life on the edge.

,` )

Nick said...

I think Melanie might be right :$

Thomas said...

Now you need some leather gear and a scarf!