Thursday, 11 August 2005

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A couple of weeks back there was a new face at Kendo. I introduced myself, and he asked "Oh, are you Brett's mate?" Afterwards, I enquired how he knew that. It turns out, by coincidence, that he was searching for "kendo" and "Rockhampton" in google, came up with my blog, saw that I played Selbunster on World of Warcraft, thought "hmm... that's familiar", and asked his friend Trevor where he knew the name from. The guy was Tony, aka Dhaosneth, a friend of Trevor who's a friend of Brett. So I thought it was pretty cool that someone had come to Kendo through my blog, and we happened to know each other online!

Now just today I've had an anonymous comment left on my blog, on a post I made earlier this year about sunglasses, saying that they'd been searching for Zenith sunglasses and came across my post, and wanted to know where one can buy Zenith sunglasses.

Now the curious thing is, I can't find my blog on google if I try to (yes, I give it a try now and then; I'm vain remember? :p ), and here are two people recently who have come across it by accident.

So, to the person who left a comment, my answer is: I can't find info online either, but they're a popular brand (in Australia), and you should be able to find them in any sunglasses store such as Bright Eyes.

And... can you tell me what search terms you used to find my blog so I can as well? :D :p


melanie said...

monday, 22 august, 2005 16:00 MAT

entry #1: coconut lamingtons

entry #4: "Central Queensland Junior Robotics Competition"

entry #5: kendo rockhampton

Nick said...

Whoa, that first search was cool - number one result! :D

Anyway, the kendo rockhampton one is sort of cheating, because it only brings up the post I made *after* Tony had already found my blog. Still, I am pleased :D