Wednesday, 22 September 2004

Paper Accepted!

Well, the paper that I submitted to the AI / Complex 2004 conference - held in Cairns with an Asia-Pacific attendance - was accepted!
(for the record, it was "Multi-Dimensional Encoding to Reduce Bias in Fuzzy Knowledge-bases"... You can stop yawning now ;) )

I guess I should be happy. I honestly didn't expect the paper to be accepted, because the results it presented were somewhat inconclusive (BS... they were almost *entirely* inconclusive :p). Still, I'll do my best to polish it up and improve it where I can, and do a good job of presenting it at the end of the year.
In a way I almost wish it wasn't accepted, because now I have the pressure of making it acceptable in my own eyes! I was kind of hoping to just mostly forget about this research and write it off as a footnote in my thesis.

It raises another question, though, namely: what are the other reviewers thinking?! I reviewed a couple of papers for this conference myself (extra to what I mentioned in an earlier entry), and I spent a good 2-3 hours per paper making sure I understood it and giving a meaningful critique. Two of the three (anonymous) reviews I got were reasonable (if generous IMO), but the third review was just "Excellent" for every criteria and a somewhat trivial comment on presentation at the end. Now, I *know* it didn't deserve that review, and I have to doubt that the reviewer read much of my paper.
To be fair, I guess a lot of the reviewers are very busy and can't give the 2-3 hours per paper that I spent, but still...

But all's well in the end. After all, I get a free trip to Cairns for an interesting conference! :D

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