Friday, 17 September 2004

Birthday Presents

It's my birthday next Saturday! My family in Bundaberg and Sarah have been hounding me for the past few weeks for a list of birthday presents I'd like that they can choose from. Gosh life is tough. :|

I figure if I actually start a blog entry now then I might actually get it done.


Here's a list of ideas for Mum and Sarah then, but please don't feel limited if, just for example you know, you were going to get me an Apple Powerbook or plasma TV or something... :D
  • DVDs: Kill Bill vol. 1, 2; Ran; The Seven Samurai (anything by Akira Kurosawa looks interesting); Master & Commander; old Star Wars; Transformers; Voltron

  • Music: Anything - even/especially something different.

  • Computer Games: Thief 3; Arcanum; Neverwinter Nights; (ask Carey)

  • Computer: Domain/hosting (here); slick keyboard; small MP3 player

  • Clothing: Sports socks; anything (size small)

  • Toys: Plush; board/card games; puzzles; Shoto/tanto (here)

  • Books: The Never Ending Story; The Princess Bride; science, philosophy, eg Douglas Hofstadter, Paul Davies, etc; recipe; anything

  • Misc: Towel; small bright LED torch; New Scientist subscription; anything
Note the "anything" under miscellaneous :)


Anonymous said...

Hows about i give you a few game copies that i 'thoughtfully' downloaded ;)

Nick said...

That's an excellent thought :D

Anonymous said...

Music - anything? Its dangerous to be unspecific about music, you might well end up with anything, and that anything may be something really bad...

Nick said...

No really, I mean any music. If I get something bad, then at least I've learned that I don't like it. And I figure I'm fairly safe not to get Eminem's latest hits from anyone reading this list :p