Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Abrasion Resistance

We have the most awful chihuahua. He's gotten his ears infected somehow, and we need to get ear drops inside, but he's rather uncooperative. He knows when you're going to pick him up to apply the ear drops - presumably the same way he knows when you're going to bathe him - and if you do manage to grab him, he'll twist and scratch and bite and defy all attempts to get the drops down his ears.

But I've found a way to subdue him: CE-armoured, 1.4mm fullgrain leather jacket, kevlar-padded leather gauntlet gloves, and full-face helmet. I haven't crashed yet, but I'm now confident that this gear will keep me safe if I do!


Brett said...

LOL, Can we get a photo of you all 'geared up' holding him? :D

melanie said...

sunday, 17 august, 2008 22:30 MAT

cool !! so with all that gear, you can catch me a wombat for a pet ?

,` )