Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Nick in Sydney

First blog update in Sydney! I'm at Team Bondi's office after hours, but there are still plenty of people around working. I don't have internet access - or a working computer - at home, so I have to either use this computer or find an internet cafe. There aren't any internet cafes close to home, so either way I have to be here in town somewhere.
Also, I've been putting it off the last few days because there always seemed to be something else to do - like sleep - but the longer I put it off, the harder it became to decide where to start! So here's what I've been up to...
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I stayed in Rocky as long as I could to look after Sarah, but in the last week of March, after I was sure she'd be alright, I had to return to Bundaberg to prepare for the move to Sydney.
I packed almost everything I owned - bar furniture - in my little Lanos. Hatchbacks are just awesome, you can fit so much into them! I had to leave behind some bulky, non-essential stuff (like kendo gear and deep fryer *cry*), but I managed a lot.
I took the inland route to Sydney, following the New England Highway through Toowoomba, Armidale, and Tamworth. The drive, through ever changing scenery, was beautiful; for much of the trip I was the only car in sight. I stopped to visit a dragonfruit farm near Nanango and a motorcycle museum in Tamworth. They were both very cool too.
The drive into Sydney wasn't so pleasant. I arrived Saturday evening, and navigated congested roads with almost no rear view (the back was packed to the ceiling :) ). Everytime I had to change lanes, I prayed I wasn't going to run into anyone! I lost my way when I had to detour around a crash. Eventually I made it to Dad's place, though, and simply fell into bed.
The next day, Sunday, I unpacked, and went in to town to help Dad with a shopfitting job he was finishing up. The mindless work was actually a welcome relief and I made sure to savour it!
On Monday morning I missed the bus twice into work (don't ask how I managed that, I can't rightly explain), and drove to Bankstown - the closest station - instead. Despite the bus mishap, the public transport system is very easy to use - it just takes a long time. I waste about 2-3 hours commuting each day - bus + train + walk. That's another reason I haven't felt like staying in town to blog! Mind you, I get to walk through Chinatown, so it's not all bad! I am this moment savouring the thought of what I'll pick up to eat when I leave here shortly :)

Work itself has been a mixed bag. The downside is that I've arrived just as everyone is scrambling to reach a milestone, and the usual introduction that I would go through has been put on the backburner until people have time to teach me stuff. It's been frustrating because I need to learn so much but I don't want to monopolise anyone's time. I've been stumbling along picking up a few things as I can, though.
However, it is going to be an amazingly cool job. The office is wide open and relaxed, taking up the entire top floor of our building with a minimum of internal walls. People kick balls and ride electric skateboards around; there are games consoles and pool/airhockey/ping-pong tables in the lunch area; and the dress code is so casual I was practically overdressed in jeans and an untucked shirt on my first day. Shorts/tshirts/thongs are in fashion. It's basically just like what the Honours Room would have been like if we'd had a gazillion times more funding :p
Over and above the work environment, though, the project itself is literally awesome (as in "admiration tinged with fear" awesome). L.A. Noire is a gigantic undertaking that I'm struggling to come to grips with, and I could almost despair at how much there is to learn and how much work there is to do. But by the same token, it's so ambitious that you can't help but be bouyed up with excitement. It's the sort of game I wish I'd come up with, it addresses so much of what I've thought has been missing in games lately. If we (it sounds strange writing "we") manage to accomplish only most of what I've read about, it will be a fantastic game. I don't think I'm allowed to give you any more detail, though, so you'll just have to take my word for now :)

It's time for me to leave if I want to catch the last bus! I really look forward to catching up with you all when I can - and don't forget to blog :) Talk to ya later!


Brett said...

The commute sounds terrible, but the job sounds awesome.

Shame about the unorganised introduction, but to be honest I don't think I've had a proper introduction at any job I've started. I've always been thrown in the deep end.

Oh well, from what you say about the game and the project and the work environment, I'd say you will have a great time working there.

Keep the blogs coming Nick!


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