Monday, 13 November 2006

These boots ain't made for walking

Brett and Melanie invited me down to the beach for fish & chips with Blair, his son Connor, and his friend Lee. And of course, I got to ride :D
Bikes are convenient in some ways, and not in others. I was able to just pull up onto a wide dividing strip between a packed carpark and the road, whilst Brett had to circle in his car a few times to get a park. But it is unfortunate that the imperative of protecting one's skin with bulky motorcycle gear is somewhat in conflict with the limited storage space on a bike and the warm Queensland sunshine that one, after all, goes to the beach to enjoy.
The helmet I can lock to the bike; the gloves I can stow in my bag; the jacket I can leave in Brett's car; and the jeans I can put up with wearing.
The only problem is the boots. I've now come to realise, after walking up and down the entire length of the main street for fish & chips, that these boots definitely weren't made for walking. They're waterproof, for starters. That sounded like a good thing back in winter, but it also means they're sweatproof. And whilst I'm sure they do a good job of protecting my ankles from the road, they're not so good at actually, you know, bending. I have a friction-burn on the back of one ankle testifying to that.

But still, it's worth it :D

I think in future I'll get a pair of these and keep a pair of sandals in my bag, and everything will be just dandy :)


Brett said...

oh no!

I actually thought on the drive home how comfortable those boots are for you to walk around in. I noticed while walking back from the fish and chip shop that they didn't seem to have much bend/give in them.

Since most of the time when you go to Yepoon, i am behind you in the car, you should get a pair of cheapo thongs or something. Would make it easier when walking around i imagine.

You could even store them in my car if you like :P

Brett said...

hrmmm, how come now it shows me as having a blogger profile... i dont remember putting that information in, ive always done anon posts in the past :-|

Brett said...

oh! it uses gmail accounts now! wowsers

Nick said...

Yeah, I was also limping a tiny bit by the time we walked back from the fish & chip shop, which is probably why you noticed!

Brett said...

Should have gone barefoot :D