Wednesday, 15 June 2005

PhD Comics

As a finally-starting-my-thesis present, Melanie bought me the first two volumes of Piled Higher and Deeper! Not only that, but they're both signed by the author, Jorge Cham. The way Melanie explains it, she had to send a U.S. cheque by mail (you know, paper and envelopes and stuff) to pay for it anyway, so she included a letter asking if Jorge could sign the copies as well. I even got an original drawing of my hero, Mike Slackenerny :D

In an ironic yet probably-not-unexpected twist, I am of course reading my finally-starting-my-thesis present instead of, you know, actually finally starting my thesis :p

It's very scary how dead on these comics are :|

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melanie said...

thursday, 16 june, 2005 09:55 MAT

*gasp* a whole blog entry just because of me!! and not under duress... i feel special.

actually, book 1 is for start th#$!$. book 2 is for end th#$!$ & graduation. i was just too excited to keep book 2 for so long, especially since it was far superior to book 1. it couldn't have turned out better and i'm glad you like it. well worth the cheque writing/posting, i'd say.

we love nick!

,` )