Monday, 9 May 2005

Raid on Mt Jim Crow

We successfully raided Mt Jim Crow on the weekend with no wipes - actually without any deaths at all, though there were some close calls.
The raid was partitioned into to roughly three parties - Tanya and her friend Erin forging ahead along the main path; Nick and Sarah scouting alternate routes; and Brett and Melanie considerately escorting Carey, who was undoubtedly the one holding them up :p

Sarah insisted on proving that humans descended from apes by monkeying around in a tree on the side of a sheer drop. It would have been quite impressive, too, were it not for the it-just-had-to-happen moment:
"Sarah, come down now, you've succeeded in making me nervous," I called up to her in the upper branches of the tree.
"Nick, I've been climing trees all my life," she replied in exasperation, "And I've never fallen out!"
And of course, at that moment she reached out for a slender branch that sheared away from the trunk, and Sarah lurched forward, wrapping her arms around the trunk to save herself from plummeting straight down. She took a scrape along her upper arm, but besides her pride thankfully sustained no further injuries :p

And then of course we must also thank Tanya and Erin who between them, on the descent down the slippery slope, did an outstanding job of identifying the tricky sections :p

Ah, whoever thought nearly falling down a mountain could be so much fun :D

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