Tuesday, 22 February 2005

Blogging under duress

I'm being forced to make this blog entry against my will. Melanie insists that it's time for another entry.

I've been educated in CSI whilst a guest at Brett & Melanie's place. I like the original show best, with the Gil Grissom and Greg Sanders characters. I just saw the first episode of the CSI: New York. I didn't think so highly of it. I was more interested in the secondary storyline, which doesn't say much for the show.

I've also been watching episodes of Numb3rs as well, which is an interesting twist on the crime investigation genre - all the cases are solved using mathematics! It's a bit corny sometimes, but good watching nonetheless :)

Melanie has just walked past and patted me on the head, so I consider my blogging obligations fulfilled now :p

1 comment:

melanie said...

wednesday, 23 february, 2005 12:20 MAT

/cheer another entry from nick!

/gasp my name appears three times in this one entry alone!

definitely! numb3rs is a good watch. charlie is so cute!

good job nick. keep those blog entries coming.