Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Nick in Cairns 2

Attended bad tutorial.
Had sushi for lunch. Got to sit at one of those low tables where you kneel on cushions!
Attended awesome tutorial. Got games on CD as part of handout. Good stuff :)
Welcome function in evening. Julius got plastered on free champagne; had to take him stumbling back to our hotel, scenic route via the docks and beach to tire him out. Moment of panic when he realised he left his backpack at the convention centre, but it was ok; he had keys in his pocket.
Went back out for dinner. Note: Don't let Rinku order indian food for you.
Fell asleep reading over slides. If it sends me to sleep, what's it going to do to the audience? :

Paid price of stubbornly finishing curry.
Met Julius at breakfast. Informed him that vegemite was good for hangovers. I don't know if it is, but it was worth it seeing him try it :D
Morning technical sessions at conference.
Buffet lunch, inc. potato skins. Brillig :D
Absenteed myself from afternoon keynote speech, to "prepare presentation".
Went shopping for toys.
Practiced presentation. Good enough :)
Back to conference. Gave presentation. Excellent feedback from friends. Careful not to talk to anyone unbiased...
Hang around for poster session. AI'04 delegates get free drinks. Complex'04 delegates don't. World not fair.
Off to hotel internet cafe...

It appears I'm driving back to Rockhampton. Kerry Hand and Alanna North drove up in a Uni car, and on the way they had a near accident with a semi that's apparently shaken Alanna up badly, and she won't drive any more. Russel volunteered me to drive back with Kerry over the weekend.
I would have done it anyway (and I did agree to), but Russel's also arranged that I be paid for doing so. I'm not insured to drive the car unless I'm being employed by the Uni, so they have no real choice but to pay me to avoid liability :D
That'll pay for some Christmas presents :) And anyway, I've never driven along the coast north of Rockhampton, so I'll try to think of it as an experience rather than a chore.

I'm planning on going snorkelling off Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef tomorrow morning, so long as it doesn't rain. It broke out into a downpour earlier this afternoon. Here's hoping for good weather!


Anonymous said...

thursday, 9 december, 2004 09:40 MAT

cool! more time to make nick's workstation just perrrrrfect!! mwaaahhh!!!

,` ) melanie

Anonymous said...

Driving from Carins! Woah!, Ive driven to townsville before and that was long enough for me.

Talking about rain, its a good thing you left your flat windows open to 'let the air in' the moment you flew out it started raining and hasnt stopped. About the only thing that got in was a bit of water, but thats ok, we tipped some detergent on the floor and slid around on it, its now nice and clean - although a little wet still.

Thanks to Sarah for letting us in :D

Have fun driving back, my memory of dirving back from Townsville included stopping to talk to a cow to ease my boredom.... :-|