Friday, 26 November 2004

Silver Linings are Expensive

It's been expensive lately... and I haven't even gotten around to Christmas shopping yet!

My loyal Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite has finally succumbed to the evils of corrosion and one circuit of keys stopped working irreversibly. *sniff* That keyboard has been with me since my Gateway Pentium 300Mhz, and has been my favourite keyboard ever.
Sadly you just can't buy them anywhere; everything is a "multimedia pro deluxe" keyboard these days. The best I could find was a Fellowes split keyboard, which has an almost identical layout. I'm happy with it :)

Tainting my satisfaction with the keyboard though, I lost my sunglasses somewhere in Harvey Norman whilst buying it. Searching turned nothing up, and no-one's called me back to say they've been handed in.
They weren't extremely expensive - $80 - but I'd counted on them lasting several years. It's a pain having to buy new ones now, but it's an opportunity to get polarised lenses; Sarah delights in telling me how clear and colourful everything looks through her sunglasses any time we go to the beach.

And finally, whilst leaning back on my computer chair watching Seven Samurai, I was surprised to find myself tumbling off it backwards following a sharp CRACK! - The backrest had rusted and snapped away from the base.
I guess I have an excuse to buy one of the cool mesh-back chairs I've been envious of my brother having :)


Anonymous said...

friday, 26 november, 2004 12:15 MAT

yes! polarised lenses are nice, especially for driving. i'm glad that you are not injured from your topple over your disfunctional chair.

,` ) melanie

Anonymous said...

Im sure Nick wouldnt be hurt from falling off his chair. I imagine at the precise instant that the chair broke, his instincts kicked in and he instantly tucked into a typical 'commando roll' position.

At the exact moment he hit the floor he would have executed the roll perfectly and ended up a few metres away from the harm, jumping up with both hands in the 'gun firing' positions and making 'bang bang' noises.

Who says playing computer games doesnt come in handy :D


Nick said...

So the hands in the "gun firing position" would be... what?
WASD and left mouse button? :p